Tips for Pain Management On the Job

Tips for Pain Management On the Job

Tips for Pain Management On the Job

Sometimes pain hits us when we least expect it.  This is especially true when we’re on the job and have important tasks to complete.  And this is why it’s important to educate ourselves on pain management skills. Let’s take a quick look at a few tips for pain management on the job that will hopefully help reduce the pain that you deal with at work.

Reduce your repetitive motion to avoid pain

When you perform a repetitive motion, it can create muscle and joint aches that cause discomfort. This is why it’s important to refrain from consistently performing the same motion over and over.  Keeping this in mind, do your best to switch up any repetitive movements that you perform as much as possible.

Change your work environment

When you sit at a computer desk all day, your body will start to ache at some point. To avoid this type of discomfort, be sure to change your work environment as much as possible, and even go for walks on your breaks. You can also reduce pain associated with sitting behind a computer desk by maintaining proper eye and shoulder level. If your job happens to require you to be on your feet all day, be sure to sit down periodically to rest them; this will even help reduce fatigue.

Rethink carrying heavy loads

When it comes to heavy loads, always make sure to check the way that you’re picking them up. Make sure to lift with your knees and not your back. This is a mistake made by many people in the workforce, and ignoring it can cause you serious pain as well as the potential of pulling a muscle in your lower back. If a load is too heavy, always ask for help from a fellow coworker to get the job done.

Communication is key

If you deal with chronic pain, be sure to communicate this with the management team at your job. By communicating your medical background or any other problems that may persist, management will be able to assist you when the need arises. Communication is key in you being able to build the support network you need to appropriately deal with pain while on the job.

Emergency plan

Even with proper pain management at the workplace, sometimes it can become too much to bear. Always have an emergency plan of how you will be taken to a nearby clinic in the event that the pain becomes debilitating. Find a family member or a close friend who can be readily available to take you in the event of “breakthrough pain”.

The Takeaway…

Pain management can become a life saver when it comes to your daily duties on the job. Play it smart and keep yourself educated on how you can minimize pain through your day. When you remember to communicate your pain with the people you work with, you’ll eliminate half the battle of how to manage pain, and you’ll be able to continue on with your daily routine.


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